Number 57 for the Prime Minister

Its number 57 for Prime Minister Vladimir Putinand the Russian celebration was done amid well-wishers and protesters.

Putin photo

Writers, in a repeat of showcasing literary luminaries just as in the days of Joseph Stalin, were joined by businessmen and the Russian Orthodox Church in announcing their great gratitude for the Russian Prime Minister.

Reaching back to the Soviet period of which Vladimir is so proud, Nezavisimaya Gazeta published an “Ode to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin” written in just the same style that was so typical of poems devoted to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Quoting the Moscow Times, “The country is again at a crossroads wondering whether it might perish or not,” the ditty reads. “We congratulate you comrade Putin and ask God to give you another 120 years.”

As allies and supporters gathered for the event, some writers said they were boycotting the meeting with the prime minister.