Home again for Stalin?

In Russian Orthodox theology a soul may have departed the body but that doesn’t exactly mean that a person’s soul isn’t hanging around a while longer. Usually its thought of in terms of 40 days or one year, giving the soul time to reflect on certain events, actions, places and behaviours before heading off to the pearly gates to face the music.

Joseph Stalin had so many sins for which to atone that he still isn’t gone. Hell may have forgotten about him by now! Speaking of hell, he certainly brought a lot of it into the lives of his people. Now he is recognized by experts as having been a sick and mentally ill terror in every sense of the word.

That is not the opinion however of the Russian Education Ministry which just published new textbooks in which the writers justify Stalin’s terror as an “instrument of development”.

Tell that to the millions of innocents and children who died at his hands.

Emphasing that those in power want to rehabilitate Stalin’s image, the Kurskaya Metro station, newly re-opened after a year of renovation, has restored Stalin’s presence in the Metro. The entrance hall of the station once again bears a verse from the 1944 version of the Soviet anthem: “Stalin raised us to be loyal to the nation; He inspired us to work and be heroic.” 

Such references had been removed in the 1950’s during the period of de-Stalinazation. The mentally ill dictator had ordered mass executions during his “Great Purge” of the 1930’s and sent millions more to gulag labor projects in Siberia. Even so, still the debate is heated about how to protray his place in Russian history.

This is not a healthy sign for Russia’s future. Russians need to face the truth about Stalin. It could start if leadership would work up the balls to come out of denial and send this wandering soul packing. He needs to start “doing time.”

Eternity in hell isn’t long enough for his crimes, so why prolong the wait?