New Kremlin Speechwriter confirmed

As the Moscow Times newspaper had reported last week, President Dmitry Medvedev appointed a new speechwriter Tuesday amid reports that he wants to distance himself from his predecessor, Vladimir Putin.

The new speechwriter is Eve Vasilevskaya and she will replace Dzhakhan Pollyeva, who served as Putin’s main speechwriter during his presidency.

Vasilevskaya was an aide to Mr. Medvedev when he was first deputy prime minister. She had previously worked in the press office of Gazprom, the Russian Gas and Oil giant where Medvedev was chairman before becoming president.

Media reports had increased  hinting that Medvedev was dissatisfied with Pollyeva’s work and wanted someone who more closely matched his style. This comes as the Medvedev team in the Kremlin is preparing for the President’s early November annual state of the nation address.