Putin loses government Limo service!

From time to time I’m asked if there is such as thing as taxi service in the FSU?

Well of course. But not as organized nor as convenient. The airports and large hotels have regular service but these are usually exceptionally expensive.

How do you catch a ride?

Well, if you don’t take the metro or bus, or trolley or train, there is always your thumb. Stick your hand and just wave. Some driver will get the idea and pull over so be ready to explain where you’re going.

Be sure to negotiate a price before accepting the ride and pay only upon arrival and only after all your things have been removed from the car. That one ole Mendeleyev had to learn by experience and experience can be a very expensive teacher.

NEWS FLASH…..Russian Prime Minister Vladimir “I’m shooting Lions while bare chested” Putin has lost his government limo! In the widening dispute as he and President Dmitry Medvedev jockey for position to decide who will run for President in 2012, PUTIN HAS LOST HIS LIMO PRIVILEGES!

God’s truth. I have it right here, on video. At night when finished working he has to flag down a ride just like any other working stiff. Just watch:

Watch how he does it and try it yourself. I don’t think you’ll get the blue light treatment however. That is reserved for the big shots.