Azerbaijan still at war with Armenia

(From TodayAZ, official news service of Azerbaijan)

Azerbaijan Pres Ilham AliyevPresident of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on Friday presided over a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the outcomes of socio-economic development for nine months of 2009. In his opening remarks, the President said Azerbaijan’s economy had developed successfully through nine months of the current year. Despite the global financial crisis and economic regression in many world countries, our national economy did not face the crisis seriously, on the contrary, we watch positive tendencies in rise of economy, the President noted.

The President pointed out gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 6, 1 percent, while industrial production grew 5 percent in the country through nine months of the year. He stressed the agricultural sector in the country saw 3 percent increase. The President also noted “this year for the first time three million tons of grain have been produced in Azerbaijan”, and described this figure as a record. The Head of State linked this to the ongoing reforms in the country`s agricultural sector.

President Ilham Aliyev said the population`s incomes have raised approximately by 10 percent while monthly wages increased by 15 percent. “We are completely sure that our policy serves the Azerbaijani people`s interest”. According to the President, 824 thousand work places have been created in the country since 2003. He underscored through the period, works on army building had been continued.

He said Azerbaijan`s army is the most powerful one in the region and has the greatest military potential. “Because our country has been under the war conditions, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict still remains unresolved and the only reason for this is Armenia`s unconstructive position”.

The President said “now Armenia uses the tactics of extending time in the negotiation process,” adding “Azerbaijan does not intend to step back from its principal stance”. “The status-quo in the region must change in favor of Azerbaijan, otherwise the country will not reconcile with the situation. Because without Azerbaijan’s participation, no initiative can be realized in the region,” the President said. “Azerbaijan’s growing role in the region and world will never enable Armenia to withdraw from the isolated situation. The Armenian leadership is itself guilty for this. Azerbaijan will fight for its national interests till the end. Because this is a fight for justice,” he said.