Russian Youth cheer Ukraine election defeat

When Vladimir Putin created the nationalist Russian youth organization Наши (Nashi), many Russians commented on the resemblance to Hitler’s young “Brownshirts.” That was no accident.

In true form, today in Moscow youth activists of the youth movement Nashi “congratulated” the Ukrainian president on his defeat in the presidential election in a rally near the Ukrainian embassy.

While most public demonstrations need police permits and government approval, very hard to get these days, such formalities appeared not to be a problem as well over a hundred Nashi activists rallied in front of Moscow’s Ukrainian embassy  to congratulate the Ukrainian people on the defeat of the Viktor Yuschenko as  president.

The themes were everything required for a Putin wet dream. The kids, who had a seemingly polished agenda given their ages, voiced their displeasure with the Ukrainian policy of rapprochement with America and NATO.  

On such of a spur of the moment appearance, Nashi spokesperson Kristina Potupchik rattled off to Interrax the reasons fordefeat,  including Ukraine’s reaching out to the West.

Obviously for some Russians, and including the Russian Prime Minister, Ukraine should remain an obedient stepchild to Holy Mother Russia.