The G20 Summit in Seoul

Normally placed near the centre, it seems as if the Europeans are anticipating a move to the "right" for a certain US President.

Perhaps most curious in Seoul was the absence of rapport between Presidents Obama and Medvedev. On the heels of a crushing Congressional defeat, Obama may not believe that his time to govern is perhaps limited.

European leaders however understood the election message.

So much for the idea that Europeans don’t understand American style governance. Therefore it seems pointless to plan or cooperate with a lame duck. Better to wait for his replacement and gauge the mood of American voters at that time.

Russian President Medvedev enters the hall where the G20 nations will meet.

Because of time constraints, Russian President Medvedev limited his working meetings on the summit’s sidelines to discussing issues of mutual interest with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


2 thoughts on “The G20 Summit in Seoul

  1. loquacious7


    Yes, it seems that Obama has lofty ideals but little understanding of how to effectively implement them.

    I’ve read your cooking entries with enjoyment. We included the Mendeleyev Journal in our list of Russian Cooking Blogs, just published today.

    All the best,

    Rob MacDonald
    American Russia Observations


  2. mendeleyev

    Thank you! We are regular readers of your excellent blog and enjoy how you describe life in St Petersburg and across Russia.

    Thanks again!


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