New suspect in the Domodedovo Airport bombing

The Investigative Committee is concentrating on a new suspect, an approximately 20 year old man from the North Caucasus region (southern Russia) bordering Azerbaijan and Chechnya. Most of the terror activity in that region is in and around Dagestan, an ethnic community of groups speaking Caucasia, Turkic or Iranian.

Just 4% of the population is ethnic Russian and that Russian is the official language has been a cause of friction in this region. Russia took possession of the territory from Turkey in 1813.

Last year’s Moscow Metro bombing by 2 female terrorists were from this region. Officials are trying to determine if the suspect has ties to the militant Islamic organization Shariat Jamaat which has claimed responsibility for much of the violence in the region, or if there are ties to some other nationalist type movement.


Domodedovo Airport bombing prime suspect cleared

Russia announced that it would adopt a colour-coded security alert system similar to the one used by the United States after the New York trade centre terror attacks known commonly in the US as “9/11.” It was just one day earlier that the US Attorney General had indicated that the colour-coded levels would be dropped in favour of a new system.

Russian security sources say that DNA analysis may have ruled out their prime suspect in the Domodedovo Airport bombing. Earlier investigators were seeking an ethnic Russian, 32 year old Vitaly Razdobudko and his wife as persons of significant interest.

Investigators had indicated Razdobudko as an ethnic Russian Orthodox Christian who converted to Islam as being a suspect in Monday’s deadly suicide bombing at Domodedovo. Razdobudko and his wife have been missing since October of last year according to Stavropol police.

Russian investigators made their first official statement about the attack yesterday afternoon when a representative of Russia’s Anti-Terror Committee denied reports that security services had been alerted to a possible attack before Monday.

Domodedovo victims remembered in Moscow

It just seemed right. He was the only man who fit this task perfectly given his history and personal link to the Russian people.

Russians respect him and when he arrived at Domodedovo Airport to lay flowers at the memorial for the victims of Monday’s terror attack, Russian onlookers quietly and reverently moved aside and silently watched, many with tears in their eyes as United States Ambassador John Beyrle respectfully moved toward the memorial. 

USA Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle lays flowers at the Domodedovo memorial.

 Unlike any other single American, John Beyrle, Ambassador to Russia has a special link to the Russian people and the admiration they hold for him is obvious. Ambassador Beyrle is highly regarded because his father was the only known American to have served in both the American and Soviet armies when the two countries were allies in the war against Nazi aggression.

Shot down by German anti-aircraft fire, the senior Beyrle quickly learned Russian, donned a Soviet army uniform and continued fighting until the end of the war when he was decorated by both countries for his service. Russians respect that kind of history and because of his father’s bravery the Ambassador is accepted as a brother.

After laying flowers at the site, Ambassador Beyrle said that though some Western media have been saying that Russians seem to be cold-hearted and rigid in the aftermath of the tragedy, he believes that they are doing just the right thing. ­These flowers are just my expression on behalf of the American people of our solidarity with the Russian people today, the day of national mourning. We are grieving together with the families who lost their loved ones and are expressing our solidarity with the Russian people and the Russian government that there can be no refuge for monsters who are capable of carrying out an attack like this against us.

He also said that the best way to fight terrorism is to show that life goes on and to continue living.

Memorial to 35 souls who perished at Domodedovo

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. These are the names of those who perished as a result of the terror bomb explosion at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport on Monday, 24 January 2011.

– Babarykin, Vladimir A. 1966  Russian citizen 
– Babenko, Marina A. 1965  Russian citizen 
– Gataulin, Ildus Yunusovich, 1974 Russian citizen 
– Garkin, Igor A. 1955 Russian citizen 
– Petrunin, Irina Konstantinova, 1991 Russian citizen 
– Pernyatin,Victor M. 1949 Russian citizen 
– Yurashku, Nikolai, 1924 Russian citizen 
– Kochergin, Nikolai Pavlovich, 1942 Russian citizen
– Noodles, Denis A. 1973 Russian citizen 
– Volkova, Natalia O. 1971 Russian citizen

– Tomin, Oleg 1974 Russian citizen 

– Smirnov, Boris 1958  Russian citizen 

– Pustovalov, Boris 1949 Russian citizen 
– Bodrashov, Kirill A. 1972 Russian citizen 
– Baybuza, Kirill Y. 1987  Russian citizen 
– Konstantin, Shishkin 1959 Russian citizen 
– Izmailov, Vadim G. 1964  Russian citizen
– Isaev, Natalia 1986 Russian citizen 
– Lomzharidze, Vicktor Eldarovich 1972 Russian citizen 
– Belousov, Valery 1962  Russian citizen
– Dubovitsky, Viktor Ivanovich 1972 Russian citizen 
– Matveev, Elijah E. 1976 Russian citizen 
– Hripankov, Andrei Vladimirovich 1967 Russian citizen 
– Sigmatulin, Renat Shafkatovich 1966 Russian citizen 
– Shmtyuk, Victor Trofimovich 1957 Russian citizen
– Zubritsky, Alexey 1975  Russian citizen 
– Dude, Alexei Borisovich 1970  Russian citizen 
– Sabir, Jabar Muhamedzhanovich 1963 citizen Republic of Tajikistan 

– Khaknazar, Murat Hudeynazarovich 1987 citizen Republic of Tajikistan 
– Mombetov, Orinbay Rometovich 1965 citizen Republic of Uzbekistan 
– Ivanov, Nikolai Ivanovich 1969 citizen of Austria 
– Vallner, Heidi Maria 1961 citizen of Austria
– Minderop, Hendrik, 1976  citizen of Germany 
– Yablonskaya (Mashutin) Anna, 1981 Citizen of Ukraine 
– Kousland, Gordon Campbell, 1971  British citizen

Travelers leave flowers in honour of those who died from Monday's explosion.

May God in His infinite mercy and grace pardon their souls and may He grant them eternal memory. Amen.

Ukrainian playwright & actress among Domodedovo’s fatal victims

The Ukrainian government has confirmed that Ukrainian playwright Anna Yablonskaya, 29, of Odessa, was among those foreigners killed in the bomb explosion at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. Yablonskaya had traveled to Moscow to collect a prize from Iskusstvo Kino film magazine for the screenplay of “The Pagans,” a play about a mother rescuing her estranged son and daughter-in-law.

Initally there was some confusion over Yablonskaya’s identity because she was traveling under her real name, Anna Grigorevna  Mashutina (МАШУТИНА Анна Григорьевна). Yablonskaya was her stage name.

Yablonskaya left behind her husband and 3-year-old daughter.

Investigators probe while Russia mourns

Russian Federation President Dmitry Medvedev lit a candle at the Church of Saint Tikhon in the memory of those killed in Moscow Domodedovo airport blast.

The Church of Saint Tikhon is located in a small town outside Moscow. The President is a devout Orthodox believer.

Saint Tikhon was the Russian-American Archbishop of the Orthodox Church who was responsible for establishing the Orthodox faith in the USA and Canada. Under his direction the Bishop’s Cathedral was expanded in his home of San Francisco and a new national Orthodox Cathedral was built in New York.

Just 7 years before his death he was transferred to Russia where he would become the Patriarch of All Russia after 217 years of no enthroned Patriarch in Russia. He was murdered by the Communists soon after the revolution.

At least 35 people were killed in an explosion that hit Moscow Domodedovo aiport on January 24, 2011.

Domodedovo aftermath brings security shakeups

With cameras rolling at the Presidential residence in Gorki, the President told Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev to “Shake up the entire transportation police. If those people don't understand how to work, we will find other people.”
Fired early Wednesday by President Medvedev:
– Andrei Alexeyev, head of the Interior Ministry’s transportation branch in the Central Federal District. It is the transportation police that are responsible for security in the public areas of airports, as well as train and bus stations, and Metro lines.

Alexeyev is somewhat of a state hero from an incident in 1996 when he traded himself for a hostage held at an Omsk theater during a terror attack in Omsk.

Fired by Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev:
– Domodedovo Airport’s police chief and two of his deputies.