Ukraine in step with Georgia

Look out Russia, Ukraine is stalling on joining the new Customs union which includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan but is quietly on a fast track to a customs union with Georgia.

(Photo of the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, by Gia Gvilava)

That’s right, Georgia, a country not exactly in Russia’s good graces at the present. This could get interesting as Moscow cannot be pleased with the cozy relationship developing between Tbilisi and Kyiv, all the while Ukraine continues to stall on Moscow’s invitation to join the customs union with Russia.

Earlier this month representatives from the Revenue Service of the Georgian Ministry of Finance and from Ukrainian Customs Service met to sign working documents of their intention to work together in making it easier for business and commerce to flow between the two countries. Representatives of the Georgian-Ukrainian Business Club and the Chamber of Commerce of Georgia were on hand to witness the signing.

The first group of individuals who will benefit from the relaxed customs protocols will be Georgian and Ukrainian businessmen according to Jaba Ebanoidze who is head of the Georgian Revenue Service. Igor Kaletnik, head of Ukraine’s Customs Service expressed that the free travel and exchange of information and technology would be good for both countries.