Belarus dictator detains negative pollster

Belarussia’s dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko detained Oleg Manayev, chief pollster for the Institute for Social-Economic and Political Research after Manayev’s organization released news that Lukashenko’s popularity had fallen to a 21 percent approval rating as compared with 53 per cent in December 2010.

On 6 October Manaev was stopped at the Victory Square in Minsk and taken to the nearest police station while on his way to meet with the Ambassador from Poland. Manaeva was told that policemen had instructions for his arrest and were looking for weapons and drugs.

Since the economic crisis in Belarus the country’s National Bank has devalued the Belarusian ruble in May and again in September. According to polling data over 60 percent of Belarussian citizens consider Lukashenko to be responsible for the crisis.