Walking Moscow

Ready to walk Moscow? Let’s go, with Phoebe Taplin a British freelance journalist and author specializing in Russian culture, history and travel.

She has walked, lived and worked in such far-flung places as Moscow, New Delhi and Berlin, and since 2007 has written a weekly walks column for “The Moscow News,” as well as numerous features on Russian writers, artists, landmarks and landscapes.

While in Moscow, Phoebe became a veritable Pied Piper of the expat scene, leading hundreds of Russians and foreigners on weekly walking adventures in and around the city. Now back in her home, London, Phoebe is currently writing stories about Russian happenings in London and organizing a new walking group to explore the English capital’s lesser-known highways and byways.

Originally from Oxford, in a previous life Phoebe was a teacher of English Literature.

Moscow Walks is a four part seasonal series with four top routes recommended for each month:
– one city stroll,
– one rural ramble through a park,
– one day trip out of Moscow
– one themed tour

“Autumn”, Part I has been released and ready for purchase.

English orders via email at m.vinogradova@mn.ru.

Russian orders at http://www.respublica.ru