Russia promotes larger families to stem population loss

You’ve no doubt heard over the past few years that Russia is promoting the idea of additional children in households in order to curb the population loss which has officials justifiably concerned.

This photo was taken for a different purpose and we didn’t realize until later that the billboard on the right would have deserved to be taken by itself. However one can still make out the message. Of course the woman is pregnant and instantly the eye catches the word we associate with maternity, материнский which carries the similar idea of motherhood in Russian.

Although some of the words are incomplete because of the photo, you can recognize the idea of ждете вторoй (expecting a second) материнский and the words для семейно (for family). благо is going to lead to a word denoting success/well being/happiness so the idea is that a second baby is a good thing for this family and for Russia.

It takes time to change habits and attitudes and the idea of one baby per family was drilled into the mindset during the Soviet period so perhaps this is a campaign that will help Russian families in the long term.

As for the short term success, it is too early to measure.