In Russia it’s all about the chocolate!

Sitting on a plane making ready for takeoff from Atlanta a few days ago I listened to a guy in the row behind me wax eloquent on the glories of Russia to his seatmate. I kept quiet — nothing ruins a good conversation like input from someone who knows what they’re talking about — and listened with a smile.

To hear it from this fellow, all the ladies in Russia have blonde hair and blue eyes and the food is just like American cuisine; in fact, he seems to believe that most Russians eat at McDonalds every day. Perhaps he is right and I’m just blind to it all.

That is okay because he did get it right in one area…the chocolate.

Oh boy, especially that European dark confection that causes a diet managed diabetic like myself to risk it all for just a taste. While no one is watching, of course.

So much chocolate, so little time!

There is even a fast growing chain of chocolate oriented stores that serve great chocolates along with tea and fruit drinks.

What a country!