Lay’s gets crabby with Russian potato chips

Some ideas are just plain strange. Odd, isn’t it, that many of the strange ideas come from the West?

Heinz drooled over this potential new market some years ago. Russians love ketchup, in fact it could be a food group all by itself. So could mayonnaise and sour cream now that I think about it.

What Heinz didn’t realize is that Russians often want 2 things out of their ketchup:
1- They like it to be more “fluid” that the constipated ketchup slowly oozing from the Heinz bottles.
2- Any Russkaya (Russian female) can tell you that a proper ketchup must be able to function as a tomato paste or as spaghetti sauce at a moments notice.

Even while claiming to have researched the market, when Heinz came to Russia they brought a sugary and slow moving tomato paste to town. It flopped. Heinz lost money, reputation and market share before eventually learning how to make a good Russian ketchup.

Now we’re wondering whether Lay’s the potato chip maker is on to something big, or have they lost their marbles? It’s too early to tell but we’ll let you know at some point in the future.

Time for a mini language lesson:

There is no c sound in the Cyrillic alphabet. Of course there is a letter resembling a C, but it is an S when sounded.

Therefore most words we’d associate with C usually begin with the letter K. Just like this one: краб.

If you guessed that краб = crab, then you’ve already figured out that Lay’s has decided to introduce crab flavoured potato chips on Russian/Ukrainian/Belarussian market shelves.

After sampling, I’ll politely pass (remind me to sell that Lay’s stock after writing this). You might enjoy the taste however and perhaps the Lay’s folks are on to something really big. Russian tastebuds and pocketbooks will eventually tell Lay’s whether it’s a really big success or a monumental blunder.

Lay’s shareholders will be very crabby if this idea sinks.