Medvedev driving at night, alone?

He says that he is president by day, concerned motorist by night. Most Russians don’t seem to believe it, however.

What about you? Do you believe that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev secretly gets behind the wheel of a car, by himself, to patrol the streets after a day spent running the country so he can better understand the trials and tribulations of Moscow motorists?

Perhaps he does but the Russian version of the Secret Service, the Federal Guard Service, isn’t commenting. I’m guessing that the tight security surrounding the president 24 hours daily might preclude any late night driving stunts by the president of a major country.

Not to be detoured (sorry, couldn’t resist), President Medvedev explained that he sometimes drives around Moscow, incognito mind you, because the only way to solve traffic problems is to understand them.

Russian motorists’ rights groups aren’t going along for that ride, pointing out all the problems Medvedev has experienced in the few public appearances that he has driven. In broad daylight he almost ran into a crowd in Kazan when he insisted on being allowed to drive towards a waiting crowd–only to get out of the car with it still in gear. Security agents shut the car down quickly and averted what could have been a serious incident.

Mr. Medvedev was caught on camera recently driving without a seatbelt and some Russians seem to think that he should learn to obey the law first before getting tangled up in Moscow traffic. Russian drivers would be handed out fines if caught in the same scenario.