City removes Mercedes Benz logo from Moscow building

Yesterday we featured the landmark House on the Embankment and today it is again in the news.

The trademark Mercedes silver logo atop the building was dismantled Wednesday afternoon as part of a government campaign to reduce advertising in public places. The large Mercedes Benz emblem had enjoyed its rooftop placement for a decade.

Last chance to see Mercedes Benz logo atop Moscow's House on the Embankment.

At 6.5-tons and a diameter of 8 meters across, it took one crane 5-1/2 hours to remove the emblem from the House on the Embankment. It seems however that the city and Mercedes Benz can’t come to an agreement on how the decision was reached. The city says that the logo’s lease had expired several years ago, however Mercedes promptly offered to produce documents showing otherwise and complained that “politics” caused the logo to be removed.

The city however took a different line all the while maintaining that the removal came as part of a city clean-up campaign.

In the end, Mercedes Benz paid for the removal.