Re-bury Lenin says Right Cause

It is a good idea. The rotting body of a rotten revolutionary should be reburied and such is the idea of Russian political party “Right Cause” in a news conference this today.

Right Cause has proposed that a final reburial of Lenin’s body would be fitting to put an end to a terrible era and the Mausoleum should be converted to a memorial to victims of the Civil War and the citizens who died in Stalin’s oppressions.

Calling for “urgent de-bolshevization” of Russian society, the party also suggested legislation to prevent the very future possibility of any return to totalitarianism.

­“We are deeply convinced that there is a need for an unequivocal historic assessment of totalitarianism as a system of government, and for measures which would minimize the risk of its repetition in our history and in everyday life,” the statement reads.

Right Cause leaders say that totalitarian ideas remain a threat to today’s Russian society, as for the young who never experienced the Soviet era, totalitarianism seems a viable political alternative.

Their statement also said, “Totalitarianism for us is not a relic of the past, but a possible alternative, and the young, those who have never lived in a totalitarian society, often meet this alternative with enthusiasm.”