A taste of Russia

Amazingly there is much for an expat to do in your own language while in Russia. True, they don’t use a lot of English in street signs and you need to get at least a basic handle on the Cyrillic alphabet to successfully navigate the Metro, but today you shouldn’t feel isolated and alone upon arrival in Russia or Ukraine.

Today there are plenty of opportunities to not only be immersed in Russian everyday life but from time to time have interaction with other expats from the West.

For example there is the Taste of Russia, an English speaking cooking school that teaches expats how to make some very cool dishes from pelmeni to okroshka and blini and lots more.

They bill themselves as the only English language cooking school in Moscow and for many this could be a very valuable resource.

To see some of the opportunities, go to their website: http://www.tasterussia.ru The site is in English and if you’ll click on the calendar tab at the top you can see the types of classes being offered in November and January, for example.

For new expats they offer a “market tour” every Saturday at 11am Moscow time. In a nutshell the market tour shows you how to find the things you want in local markets, and how to recognize and purchase the best quality meats and vegetables, etc.

Taste of Russia cooking school: http://www.tasterussia.ru

All in all, it looks like fun!