Водка Компот = Vodka Compote

"Russian Standard" brand vodka.

Betcha didn’t know ole Mendeleyev sported a culinary streak now did ya? Today I am coming down with a chest cold and will do something that should have been started yesterday–prepare a natural cold medication using Водка (vodka) and fruit. It is called Компот (Compote), not to be confused with a compote that uses sugar and fruit instead.

Of course any time is as good as another for a little language lesson so we’ll teach the correct way to say ‘vodka’ like a real Russian. A bit of grammar is involved as there is a sound change because of the way the Cyrillic letters are grouped. You see, the D & K (дк) are together in Водка and this is called a “consonant cluster” which means that you must devoice the D and make it a T sound instead. Thus, when you say “vodka” the d becomes a T and it should be spoken as “vot-ka.” Simple, really.

Back to the making of this Компот (compote) which sounds like “kahm POte.” You may have noticed that the Cyrillic letters perfectly match the English: Компот is k-o-m-p-o-t-e. Pretty cool! The first o in the word is spoken like an A because in Russian only one ‘O’ can be sounded in a word no matter how many O letters it contains.

Easy to make, just put a bowl half full of various kinds of fruit and fill the other half with vodka. Seal the bowl and let it stand for days, weeks, even months in the refrigerator.

Packed with vitamins and vodka this baby will sit there all winter in a closed jar. Mixed roughly half & half, add more fruit and vodka anytime it begins to run low.

This concoction will look bad, smell awful, and taste even worse! Force yourself to eat several spoonfuls anytime you have a cold, flu, head or chest congestion. It works the way God intended natural medicines to work.

Remember not to take on an empty stomach because this stuff is potent! Let it germinate, ferment, foment and a bunch of other adjectives. No matter how bad it tastes, just remind yourself that it works.