Moscow Food Show: фуд шоу

There are times when I cringe at certain words and phrases. The Russian language is becoming polluted, even bastardized, with the use of English converted into Russian. Okay, I get the idea of cognates, borrowed words which every language has to some extent. But at some point the beautiful Russian language may find itself lost if the popularity of English cognates continues at the current pace.

Take фуд шоу for example. Those of you who read Russian will quickly understand “food show.” That isn’t a real Russian expression, however. It is a borrowed phrase from English. Granted, фуд шоу (food show) is a lot shorter than say, something like продовольственные выставки or продовольственная выставка, but it is a robbery of the beautiful Russian language. At least in my view.

All that being said, we do invite you to the Moscow “Food Show” beginning tomorrow (Sunday) and running through Tuesday. Russians love exhibitions and this will be well attended, especially given the well placed advertising campaign over the past month.

Chocolate lovers should attend for certain and the show highlights an  interactive cooking school, food exhibits and performances, competitions, quizzes, advice from well-known nutritionists and the sale of books from international and Russian culinary stars. In addition, there will be plenty of gift ideas for New Year’s gift giving (or for Christmas gifts for those readers in the Western world) with everything from gourmet food products, glassware, and cooking utensils.

As the commercial promised, this will be an international event with foods from great culinary traditions such as Франция (France) and Италия (Italy). From the looks of the printed advertisements the quality will be very high and with a holiday theme.

Where will you be this Sunday through Tuesday?