Russian political TV ads

There are some pretty cool political advertisements leading up to the 4 December election to Russia’s DUMA (parliament). It’s just too bad that you won’t see most of them.

First it was national TV ads being pulled. For the opposition that is, as most were judged to be “inappropriate” for various reasons. Next was the Moscow Metro which pulled down signs for the Yabloko (Apple) party.

We liked this apple ad: “Tired of being represented by vegetables…vote for Apple!” Metro officials said it was offensive so the ads were removed.

This next video ad however remains on TV. Apparently it isn’t offensive, well at least it promotes the ruling United Russia party and strangely none of their ads have been banned. Take a look for yourself:

Reacting to a new Kremlin poll leaked to Gazetta newspapers by an unknown source, the poll reveals that even close to home–in the Moscow region–United Russia will garner around 29% of the vote, a far lower number than the 55%+ the Kremlin had wanted. United Russia officials are banking on younger voters, thus the rationale for commercials like the one above, in the hope that young voters will make up the difference.

Time will tell.