Russian Christmas: Pine Cones salad – Салат Сосновые шишки

Russian “Pine Cones” Salad:
Thanks for this recipe to LiveJournal member Jenya2010 who promises that this salad is “just the bomb for the New Year!”

Usually in the 40 day Nativity fast before Christmas (no meat, no oil, no dairy) most Russians take a break and celebrate with one heck of a meal on New Year’s Eve. Afterwards the fast resumes until Christmas on 7 January.

Russians speak of a “table” when describing a special meal and the “New Year’s table” is one of great tradition filled with varied and rich treats. When Russians (and Ukrainians, Moldovans, Bulgarians, Belorussians, etc) you’re assured that the meal will be beautiful and festive.

So with acknowledgment and thanks to Jenya, today we have a tasty recipe for the Russian New Year’s salad “Pine Cones” – Салат Сосновые шишки in Russian.

Russian "Pine Cones" salad

To make this wonderful salad you will need:

– 3-4 potatoes
– 200 grams of smoked chicken
– 1 onion and 1 cucumber
– 200 grams of canned corn (can substitute peas)
– 3 eggs
– 150-200 grams of melted cheese
– Nuts

Of course to make the dish festival you’ll do more than simply prepare the dish. This dish should be decorated with pine/spruce sprigs and perhaps some whole almonds or Rosemary.

The preparation of this salad is very simple:
– Cook the potatoes and boil the eggs, then grate.

– Chope the chicken into cubes.

– Saute the onions lightly and then chop.

– Add some fresh cucumbers – if so then cut them into thin strips.

– Grate cheese, chop the nuts (walnuts or almonds will also work if pine nuts are not available). Mix the nuts and grated cheese.

– Prepare the ingredients in layers as listed below, each having mayonnaise (I swear Mayo is a “food group” in Russia!) or you can also use sour cream.

1 layer – potatoes
2 layer – smoked chicken
3 layer – onions
4 layer – corn (peas, cucumbers)
5 layer – eggs
6 layer – cheese with walnuts

Now take the layer and roll into the form of a pine cone or with the ingredient amounts listed you can make two cones.

Decorate the cones with pine nuts, almonds or walnuts, and then garnish with natural rosemary sprig or pine/spruce.

Russian "Pine Cones" salad photo: Epoch Times.

Enjoy the taste…and the compliments of your guests!


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