US Senate approves McFaul as next Ambassador to Moscow

As part of the last minute voting before the holiday recess, the United States Senate on Saturday confirmed Michael McFaul, President Barack Obama’s top adviser on Russia, to be the next USA Ambassador to Moscow.

The Senate used a voice vote procedure to approve McFaul to the ambassador’s post came after several months of delay. A former Stanford professor, McFaul was a campaign adviser to Obama on Russia and Eurasia before being appointed to the National Security Council to become the president’s chief Russia adviser.

The Mendeleyev Journal regrets this appointment, not out of malice for Mr. McFaul, but because of the special relationship the current Ambassador John Beyrle has with the Russian people.

Beyrle is a fluent Russian speaker and a frequent guest on Russian radio. He also writes a blog in Russian and his father was the only known US soldier to fight for both the American and the Soviet Army. After his US fighter plane was shot down by the Germans while flying a mission over Russia, the elder Beyrle joined the Red Army in fighting the Germans until the end of the war.