Send a Russian holiday card

Would you like to send someone a holiday Card in Russia, Ukraine or any part of the former Soviet Union? For free and in Russian?

Here are step by step directions on how to send a Russian holiday card:

-Go to

Those cards in the centre are for the New Year. Simply select one you like and follow the directions below.

Next week you can use this link to senda Christmas card in time for 7 January as well. To the left of the page there is a menu and the 2nd one from the top, открыток на Рождеством indicates Cards for CHRISTMAS. If your browser is viewing this page in English then naturally you’d select CHRISTMAS E-cards next week.

Remembering that New Years’ comes before Christmas, lets get the New Year card sent first. If you wish you can follow this format to send one or both–but if you do only one our suggestion would be for New Years’ as it is the bigger holiday.

As you can see there are several pages of card available in the middle of the page. Pick a nice one and send it!

-Choose a card and click on it

-Fill in “to whom/and from” information.  Use our guide below to help you.

-Put a heading (Заголовок) on the line (Such as happy new year, etc) Happy New Year is С Новым Годом.

-Fill in some text (Текст) in the text message box (either in English or copy from samples below)

-Next scroll down and choose your imaginary Выберите марку (post mark/stamp).

(The rest of the directions are listed below)

Translation guide:
Кому: (To)
Введите имя:  (Enter their name here)
Введите E-Mail: (Enter their email address here)

От: (From)
Введите имя:  (Your name goes here)
Введите E-Mail: (Your email address goes here)

Заголовок: (Heading or Greeting)

Sample heading:  С новым годом! (Happy New Year!)

Or for Christmas: С Рождеством! (Merry Christmas!)

Текст: (Text of your message goes in this box)
You can write a short text in English or use the sample one below.

Sample text to cut and paste:  Желаю тебе счастливого Нового года! (I wish you a happy New Year!)

Or for Christmas:  Я желаю Вам с Рождеством Христовым! (I wish you a merry Christmas!)

Next you choose from a “stamp”…cool idea!  It reads Выберите марку (post mark) so just click on the stamp design you prefer.

Now the line: Хотите послать эту открытку нескольким получателям?  asks if you wish to send this card to more than one person.  If so, select the very next box and select the number of persons in multiples of five.  Most of us will just send one card per person.

Okay, the green box at the bottom simply allows us to preview the letter before sending. Click it.

Now it looks just like a postcard!

If it’s okay, click the bottom left button.  If you need to make corrections, click the bottom right button.

Leave it checked where it says: “Прислать уведомление о прочтении открытки” if you wish to be notified by email when your card has been read.

The next screen should say something like this:
Ваша открытка была успешно отправлена — (You card was successfully sent).

Your card is set to be delivered on the holiday.

You will notice that this screen has more cards shown so that you can choose another and send it to someone else.  When finished save this link to your favourites and congratulate yourself on a job well done!