Volgograd governor Anatoly Brovko dismissed

Billed as a voluntary resignation, Volgograd region governor Anatoly Brovko didn’t even have time to change his nameplate on the Oblast website, his “voluntary” demise so sudden. No announcement was made locally of his resignation but this morning the Volgograd Oblast administration introduced a photo of Brovko’s replacement with the headline of Сергей Боженов: «Объединить усилия в интересах региона» (“Sergei Bozhenov: Joins forces to benefit the region”). Bozhenov was named by President Medvedev as Brovko’s replacement, temporary at least for now. (http://www.volganet.ru/news/news/2012/01/news_00545.html)

Recently dismissed Volgograd region Governor Anatoly Brovko.

Hmm, wasn’t in just back in February 2009 that Governor Brovko was included in Medvedev’s “First 100” of Russia’s “High Potential Management Personnel” list? True, but that was was before the December 2011 Duma elections in which all hell broke lose in Volgograd as many citizens decided that United Russia wasn’t the only viable option for governing Russia.

The Kremlin was quick to make it clear that Brovko’s efforts for United Russia in the election had underperformed for the region. The national average in the contested election was 49% for United Russia in most regions while the Volgograd Oblast managed only 36%. Authorities promptly ordered a recount but even then a new total of 42% still lagged behind other parts of the country.