The lighter side of Russia’s political protests

Since December we’ve become accustomed to seeing citizen opposition to Vladimir Putin in full display. Some Russians apparently think he is full of it. You’ll know what “it” is by the photo.

полное собрание обеЩаний в 54 метрах: (Putin's complete set of promises in 54 meters)

You can’t help but laugh at this next one…in fact we’re still laughing at it more than two days later.

Мы знаем что вы хочешь третий раз но у нас есть голова болит! (We know that you want a third time but we have a headache!)

Of course there are Russian citizens who believe very strongly in the need for Mr. Putin to be elected as President for a third term and we’ll look at those folk in the coming days, as well as meet some of the other candidates for president.