Anastasia loves beans

Well this is a first. But some things are so interesting that you simply must write about it. Usually the world forces us to write about politics and the personalities of political power.

Once in a while you need a break and perhaps this is a good time for something different. Imagine waking up one morning and when looking out the window, this is what you see:

Nastya (Anastasia), I love beans!

Well, alright then. Nastya is short for Анастасия (Anastasia) and we’re left to guess whether there is some hidden meaning, or perhaps a young husband simply expressing his appreciate for Nastya’s cooking.

настя, я  люблю фасоль is “Nastya, I love beans.” Maybe he is apologizing for generating too much gas in her apartment. We doubt that explanation, however as it is rumoured that real man don’t apologize for gas.

Do you think Anastasia mixes sausage with beans?

Should there be a run on beans at the local supermarket we’ll be sure to follow up on this story.