Education in Russia and the former Soviet Union

Russia has a very proud tradition of quality education and the Mendeleyev Journal is pleased to announce the addition of a new page in our menu options found inside the column to the far right: Education from Kindergarten to University. This is the link.

We’ve begun the page with a highlight of Kindergarten and will build this page to include the Russian school system and all the way through University. Be patient as such a project will take some time, but we’re pleased that it has begun.

Kindergarten is called “Children’s Garden” (детский сад) in Russian. It means the same in English as Americans have simply adopted the German term “kindergarten.”

– Here are addresses, ratings, and daily menus & announcements for Moscow area Children’s Gardens:

– Information on Children’s Gardens in Saint Petersburg:

– Here is information on Children’s Gardens in other cities across Russia:

More on education, from kindergarten to University coming soon…