Russia through the lens of a president – Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s photographer-in-chief

Often he is the subject of photos but Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is a good photographer in his own right. Sometimes he jokes around and photographs the press. In many journalistic circles Mr. Medvedev is called Russia’s “photographer-in-chief.”

Russian ski resort; photo by President Dmitry Medvedev.

Over the years photography and reading have become his main hobbies. Well, in addition to caring for the fish in his office aquarium. He studied science and law and achieved a PhD in law and seems to have acquired the talent for taking photos from hours of practice and mastering techniques from others around him.

Moscow winter scene; photo by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev.

Tonight our vkontake account (Russian social media similar to Facebook) held 9 more of his most recent shots, this one from the family’s recent December trip to the ancient city of Vladimir (1,000 years old) where they spent the New Year holiday. Vladimir is a Medvedev family favourite as this was their second consecutive year in Vladimir for the family’s annual New Year celebration.

New Year in a Russian village; photo by President Dmitry Medvedev.

For those wondering, Medvedev’s photos are downloaded on his beloved Mac afterwards and he enjoys playing with Photoshop to create various effects. The President enjoys taking a variety of pictures, from his travels to Russian citizens and especially nature.

Largest body of freshwater in the world--Russia's Lake Baikal; photo by President Dmitry Medvedev.

Pulitzer Prize winning Sasha Zemlianichenko will tell you that Medvedev has an eye and understands the use of light and colour balance. Once on a presidential trip, Medvedev asked about Zemlianichenko’s Canon as Medvedev was not happy with his Nikon.

While sometimes Medvedev can be seen with a professional Canon in his hands, on most days you’ll find him sporting new Leica S2 and Leica M9 cameras. The cost of that Leica S2 medium format DSLR? $20,000+ and likely much more for the added accessories.

Ahem, if one of us were to give him a few pointers about how to hold and manage that camera he would likely be appreciative.

On tour around Russia's "Golden Ring" just hours outside Moscow; photo by President Dmitry Medvedev.

Many of his photos are taken on presidential trips during times of travel and also on holidays with his family. Medvedev’s wife Svetlana and son Ilya admire his nifty camerawork as well.

Even if you don’t understand Russian you will find this professional gallery display of President Dmitry Medvedev’s photography to be very interesting.

Russia from a train window; photo by President Dmitry Medvedev.

This past August 2011 Mr. Medvedev got his chance to do some underwater photography when fishing on the Volga river in southern Russia with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. It was on that trip that the two men finalized the decision for Mr. Putin to run again for president in March 2012.

On most days he is the “focus” of a camera lens.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is an accomplished skier, too. Photo: Presidential Press Service.

Then there are days when the photographer can enjoy being on both sides of the camera as shown in the picture below.

President Medvedev on presidential train inside China.

Photographs: Dmitry Medvedev, the Presidential Press Service, the Mendeleyev Journal.