Moscow protest meeting this Sunday will be a car rally

This Sunday, 19 February, is the day scheduled for the opposition of United Russia and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to stage their next митинг (“meeting”) the street popular term for political protest/rally.

Given the difficulty in securing permits from the City of Moscow, organizers have begun to arrange impromptu car rallies in which drivers participate while driving around Moscow. A similar car rally was conducted in Moscow a few weeks ago.

Sunday afternoon at 15:00 (3pm) Moscow time, Наше радио (“Our Radio”) will play Yuri Shevchuk’s song Родина (“Homeland”) immediately following the newscast. Organizers are asking drivers to decorate their cars with white ribbons and when the song begins to play, roll down their windows and sing along with the radio while driving slowly.

Наше радио (“Our Radio”) is a young adult rock station heard not only in Moscow but also in Chelyabinsk, Sochi, Krasnodar, Saint Petersburg, Izhevsk and other cities so organizers are planning for this road rally to take place in each city where Наше радио is broadcast.

Listen online to Наше радио at this link.