Sunday Moscow protest circled around Moscow Centre

Police counters say that no more than 10,000 anti-Putin protesters were out on Sunday but more knowledgeable experts say that a minimum of 34,000 persons would be needed to form a human chain around Moscow Centre and that was accomplished Sunday as Russian voters prepare for next week’s presidential election on 04 March.

Protesters appeared side by side in what is estimated as a 16-km (approximately 10-mile) circle around the Moscow Garden Ring Road as snow fell on Sunday. Most of them wore the familiar white ribbons that have come to symbolize the biggest opposition protests since Putin rose to power 12 years ago.

While most observers say that Mr. Putin will be declared the winner, more and more citizens feel the election result may not be fair. Some of the Sunday protesters held blown-up condoms – mocking Putin who had claimed he mistook the white ribbons for condoms.