Last minute online election campaigning in Russia

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin isn’t that comfortable on a computer so it is no surprise that he is leaving the Social media campaigning to out-going president Dmitry Medvedev. Mr. Medvedev is younger and much more comfortable around technology.

You can imagine the surprise for an American journalist to be “spammed” in last minute election campaigning as Sunday’s election draws closer. Well, it says it isn’t spam but it really is. Rather than being upset, we’re wondering if this is a sign that I’m being more accepted as a “Russian” man? To be included in an election message is pretty cool.

Message: My friend (Vladimir Putin nickname) is involved in the election on March 4. Really need your vote. This is not spam.

Millions of Russians on and other social sites received this message. Your faithful editor/publisher is not a citizen so I won’t be voting but send a thank you for each Russian citizen who accepts his/her duty in making a choice, no matter the candidate.