With “forgiveness Sunday” behind us, the Orthodox Pashka fast is here!

There are two 40-day fasts in the ancient Christian calendar; the Nativity Fast before Christmas and the “Pashka” (Greek word meaning Easter) Fast prior to Easter. Right now we eat no meat, no eggs/poultry, no cheese/milk, no oil, etc.

Only fish on Wednesdays but everything else is vegetables & fruits only. Here are “ladybug” sandwiches for raw fish on Wednesday. Remembering that usually a “sandwich” in Eastern Europe and Asia is a single piece of bread, these sandwiches are very easy to make.

You will need: Bread, red fish (salmon, trout, etc), tomatoes, olives pitted, Parsley.

– Separate the red fish from the bones and skin, cut into thin slices.
– Cover with a piece of fish.
– Take the tomatoes, cut them in half, lengthwise.
– Make a ladybug’s head with black olives, cut in half.
– Spots for the ladybug are from tiny pieces of chopped olives.

For those who missed “forgiveness Sunday” here is our message from the Mendeleyev Journal: прощаю и ты меня за всё прости! (I forgive you and ask you to forgive me.)


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