Profiles of Russia’s presidential candidates – Sergei Mironov

Who is Sergei Mironov (Сергей Миронов)? He is the leader of the Russian political party A Just Russia and a Socialist. A proud socialist, to be sure.

Sergei Mironov speaking to International Socialists in Geneva, 2007.

When his party was accepted into the group known as Socialist International, Mironov said that European socialism is Russia’s future. “Socialist International is a powerful organization, and with its help we can effectively defend Russia’s national interests. And I’m sure that the diplomatic work that Just Russia does within Socialist International will do a lot for the good of our country.”

Mironov’s party, A Just Russia, was created in 2006 as a result of merger of the parties “Motherland”, “Russian party of the retired people” and “Russian party of LIFE”. They are represented in the Russian parliament, the DUMA.

Sergei Mironov (far right) during an interview on Moscow's Echo Radio.

Mironov was born on 14 February 1953 in the town of Pushkin located just outside Saint Petersburg. He graduated from school in 1971 and entered the military, serving as a member of airborne troops of the Soviet Army. His political career began in Saint Petersburg and he served as Chairman of Russia’s Federation Council from 5 December 2001 to 18 May 2011.

Sergei Mironov with children housed in a Russian women's penal colony.

There are questions however as to whether Mironov is truly an independent candidate. He ran for president opposing Vladimir Putin in 2004 but publicly said, “We all want Vladimir Putin to be the next president.” In 2008, President Vladimir Putin awarded Mironov the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, 3rd degree. Mironov has in parliament proposed an amendment to the Russian constitution to allow the President to be elected for 3 consecutive terms of 5 or 7 years.

Like many Russian political figures Mr. Mironov is a regular internet blogger at and his official website is