Russia shows force against protestors

Frankly the real test of a government is whether you can control the babushki (grandmothers). It is the old folks we must worry about. They may not have modern technology at ready disposal to battle the powers that be, but they do have even more fearsome methods, like ripe tomatoes, rotten apples and bad breath.

Vova, beware of grandmothers bearing icons!
It's just these young kids protesting, right?
Ah hell, Grandpa! You promised to say out of trouble!
Dang! Who taught Aunt Vera to use a camera?!
Grandma could probably kick the crap out of most without breaking a sweat.

Never underestimate what firepower a babuskha might be hiding in her bra so put another armoured vehicle over here.
It is the innocent looking Grandma's who pose the biggest threats!