Russia’s experiment with cameras at polling stations

So how did those new cameras work out installed in many voting places? I’d like to offer an alternative first.

President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin voted at precincts with modern counting/tally technology while much of the country still uses clear containers which must be emptied and counted manually. The President and Mrs. Medvedeva arrived Sunday at precinct number 2534 (western Moscow) and took their ballots after being registered.

President Medvedev and wife Svetlana arrive to vote.
Russian President Medvedev voted on Sunday, 04 March.

Mr. Medvedev finished his selections before Mrs. Medvedeva. He then waited for Svetlana to deposit her ballot.

Voting station in Western Moscow.

Now that is how most developed countries should operate, the USA and other Western powers included. Given that thousands of Russian election observers were showed to the door by police so that election officials could count the ballots in private, perhaps modern voting machines might have been more appropriate than webcams?

Some of the webcams showed polling as we’d hope to expect.

Would you call this a case of ballot stuffing?

(Дагестан Вброс на участке ИУ №1402 in case authorities are interested.)

Other webcams at polling places turned out to be quite entertaining.

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