Cosmetic makeover for Ukraine’s female border guards

If only TSA in the United States would take a hint. After all, is there really a rule that airport security officers should be butt-ugly?

So it is with pleasure that Ukraine is sprucing up their already lovely border agents with lessons from professional cosmetic artists, just in time to host June’s Euro 2012 soccer championships. Last Friday a team of make-up artists worked their magic on the female staff of Boryspol International Airport in Kyiv (Kiev). The goal: to give the female border guards professional cosmetic makeovers in preparation for the arrival of soccer fans and officials in June.

The ladies were paraded into airport offices as hair dressers and make-up artists stood ready to style their hair, apply make-up, and offer beauty tips.

The makeovers were part of preparations leading up to the 2012 championships as the airport wanted all foreign guests visiting Ukraine to be met by friendly and beautiful border guards according to Mariana Markovicha, Boryspol Airport’s press officer. In her words, “Every traveler who comes to the Boryspol Airport will see a beautiful Ukrainian border guard, and they will remember only the best about Ukraine.”

Make-up artist Andrei Udin, a guy, told NTD Television that he was enjoying the assignment. We don’t doubt that he was one bit.

According to the Ukrainian border patrol office, over 1,000 border guards will staff the Boryspol International Airport during the Euro 2012 tournament in June. Over half of the border guards will be female.

We can’t wait.