Dorofei Medvedev, Russia’s “first cat” wants independence?

Has Dorofei Medvedev (Дорофей), Russia’s “first cat” decided to join the protest movement?

In this cartoon Dorofei protests for his "freedom."

Soaring to new highs on Twitter, Vk and Facebook, Russians are purring over the brief disappearance of the Medvedev cat with some news sources saying that police in the Moscow suburb of Gorki had been dispatched to look for the cat. President Medvedev, traveling in India, took a moment to Tweet, “About the cat. A source close to Dorofei says he was not lost. Thank you all for your concern!”

Dorofei is a Siberian breed, a rare Nevsky Masquerade, and was picked out by first lady Svetlana Medvedeva in 2003, several years prior to Mr. Medvedev running for president in 2008. The name comes from the Greek Dorotheos, or the “gift of God.”

Meanwhile the deluge of catty remarks on Twitter and other social media has grown. Many comments are jokes about Dorofei wishing to be free before Vladimir Putin returns to the presidency. One post features a doctored photo of Putin in a fur hat with cat’s ears and the caption: “Dorofei? No, haven’t seen him.”

Dorofei Medvedev greeted the Obamas at the Russian presidential residence in 2009.

Some Twitter users were sympathetic but many joked the cat  showed good sense to make a break for it. Several Twitter accounts have been set up in Dorofei’s name and users are sending messages like “Run, #Dorofei, Run!” and slogans from the recent election protests.

Many telephone poles in the elite Moscow suburb near Mr Medvedev’s official residence are covered with fictional “lost cat” posters.