Russian weekend news digest

The Fourth BRICS Summit has concluded in New Delhi where the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa exchanged views on  the global economy, reforms of global management institutions, and international stability security issues.

Leaders of the BRICS nations pose at the end of the Summit.

The Summit allowed the President to meet with each country’s leader.Meeting in New Delhi, President Medvedev called on BRICS partners to lead in modernization of the world financial systems and to play a key role for the BRICS nations in world affairs. In closing remarks Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India stressed that “we agreed that a lasting solution in Syria and Iran can only be found through dialogue.” This year marked the fourth BRICS summit of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

In other news, following the appeal by the President of Tajikistan, Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to Tajikistan to overcome the effects of abnormal winter weather conditions.

On Friday Mr. Medvedev met with leaders of the United Russia party to receive their lists of candidates for the governorships of Moscow, Omsk and Saratov regions.