Fire atop Moscow’s Federation Towers project finally stopped.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry says that firefighters have succeeded in putting out the blaze on two upper floors of Moscow’s “Vostok” skyscraper, part of the Moscow Citi Federation Tower project.

When completed this will be Russia's tallest skyscraper at 93 floors.

The fire broke out of the 67th floor of the tower which remains under construction. It is slated to be the tallest building in Russia at 93 floors when completed in 2013. Fanned by high winds, inspectors say that the fire was fueled by the insulation, tarpaulins and other construction supplies and materials located near where workers had been working.

The city employed the use of three Ka-32 and a Mi-26 helicopters firefighters in putting out the blaze.

Helicopters assisted firefighters in fighting the blaze.

Inspectors from the Russian Emergencies Ministry also confirmed that there is no threat of the building collapse. The blaze started on Monday, 2 April, creating thick black smoke for miles during the day and eye-popping red flames at night.

The Federation Tower project at Moscow Citi is a group of modern high-rise office buildings located about a kilometer from the Russian White House where the Prime Minister and his government make their offices.

At night the fire could be seen across Moscow.