Chris Botti concert in Moscow a success!

It was the second year for Chris Botti (Крис Ботти) in Moscow and what a thrilling time for Moscow jazz lovers as Trumpeter Chris Botti (Крис Ботти) appeared last night in his second straight annual concert in Moscow, held at the House of Music. The audience loved the performance.

(Chris Botti at Moscow House of Music; by Nikita Fedorov)

Always striving to be on the cutting edge of entertainment television, “Moscow 24” TV did this nice feature just days in advance of the concert:

One cool “note” in the concert is when Chris invited Tima (Joey) Federov, the young son of Nikita Fedorov (a Mendeleyev Journal reader) to play percussion during one of the songs. Tima can play the drums and for a moment seemed to freeze with stage fright but Botti’s regular drummer stepped over and everything turned out alright. Proud Papa Nikita was there to film every moment and last night posted this on YouTube.

Botti was a class act and Moscow responded in kind. Russians are a talented people and they appreciate professional performances.

Chris Botti is fast becoming one of the best-selling jazz best-selling instrumentalists in the world and his new album/CD “Impressions” will be released in just days on the 17th of April. Impressions is a collection of songs and compositions featuring Chris along with famous musicians as pianist and composer Herbie Hancock, tenor Andrea Bocelli, country singer Vince Gill, rock star Mark Knopfler, composer and Pianist David Foster and violinist Caroline Campbell.

(Chris Botti at Moscow House of Music; by Nikita Fedorov)

Below: Tima Fedorov, whose parents read the Mendeleyev Journal, joined the set on stage for one song! After the concert young Tima posed with Botti as his very proud family stands nearby.

(Chris Botti at Moscow House of Music with young drummer Tima Fedorov; by Nikita Fedorov)

The number of Russian readers to the Mendeleyev Journal is growing and we thank the Fedorov family for participating in the life of the Journal as now approximately 1/3 of daily readers live somewhere in the Russian Federation.