Could there be a new “Orange” Revolution in Ukraine?

Frankly we think it a tad premature, but still find interesting the growing number of young Ukrainians who want President Yanukovich to go.

Even though it struck us as somewhat unexpected, there are those who are deeply unhappy with the direction of the country and a group has borrowed the “Russia Without Putin” phrase heard so often now in Russia’s big cities and amended the phrase to Украина Без Януковича which means “Ukraine Without Yanukovich” as their slogan.

The group has begun to establish a social media base and have a website:

According to the group’s materials, their goals are to force Yanukovych’s resignation, the dissolution of the current Parliament as the supreme organ of corruption, the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Azarov, and to transition Ukraine to the path of true democracy.

(Russian: Нашей целью является отставка Януковича, роспуск нынешней Верховной Рады как высшего коррупционного органа, отставка антинародного правительства Азарова, переход страны на путь истинного народовластия.)

Ironically it was election fraud surrounding Mr. Yanukovich which led to the first Orange Revolution in November 2004.