Moscow Metro adds WiFi

The folks who run the Moscow Metro System (underground subway) sure know how to make us happy–they’re adding WiFi to Metro stations including stations along the Sokolniki and Koltsevaya lines, including Metro station MENDELEYEVSKAYA! Yeah!

In testing since February on stations of the Sokolniki line, the free WiFi is now available on trains from Metro station Mendeleyev to Metro station to Borovitskaya.

(Russian readers can find the entire story at

All 3 major Moscow providers: MTS, Beeline and Megafone are participating in the project. City officials say they plan to provide WiFi to each Metro station by 2016.

Provider Megafone has also extended wireless services to these bus routes leaving Metro stations and traveling to suburbs:

In addition, routes/buses № 425 Sofrino to Moscow and route/bus № 317 Krasnoarmeisk to Moscow has been equipped with WiFi.

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