Russian World Chess Champion Aleksandra Kostenuk

Well what a pleasant surprise when Moscow TV “Rain” studios this evening hosted Aleksandra Kostenuk (Александра Костенюк), the Russian chess Grandmaster and former Women’s World Chess Champion.

Александра Костенюк (Aleksandra Kostenuk)

Born in the Russian city of Perm, she became the Women’s World Champion in 2008 at the age of 25. She was the reigning champion also in 2009. Her sister Oxana is also an accomplished Chess champion player.

Today she is a member of the ‘Champions for Peace’ club, a group of athletes committed to bringing peace in the world through sport. She is married and mother to one daughter. She writes a regular blog on chess at

Александра Костенюк, World Champion

USA readers will be interested to know that on 5 May will return to Tucson, Arizona from 2-5 pm at the Hotel Congress (311 E. Congress St., Tucson), for the nonprofit organization 9 Queens to host the 5th Annual Chess Fest- a free, family friendly chess extravaganza designed to promote and celebrate chess within the Tucson community. The event will feature a simultaneous chess exhibition where former Women’s World Chess Champion Grandmaster Kosteniuk will play multiple games at a time against Tucsonans interested in challenging the Grandmaster.

Александра Костенюк will be in Tucson, Arizona on 5 May.

Now a coach, she led her team to victory in the 2011 Russian Team Championships, played in Olginka, Russia. She maintains homes in Russia and Miami, Florida in the USA. Fans can watch her YouTube channel at

Aleksandra Kostenuk after winning the Swiss championships.

An accomplished chef, Kosteniuk’s recipes for Beef Stroganoff has been published in culinary journals and she has teamed up with the large Norwegian Seafood Export Council to promote healthy eating habits, which include high quality fish, which contain OMEGA-3 oils.