May Day parades in Moscow

May Day parade from 1950, just 5 years after the end of the Great Patriotic War (WWII). On the reviewing stand you can see most of the Communist Party heavyweights except one is missing. Stalin, Molotov, Beria and Malenkov are present but Red Army hero and Marshall of the Soviet Union Georgi Zhukov had been banished and was conspicuously absent.

The marching band plays as the public address announcer keeps the parade lively with communist slogans and instructions to the marchers.

Here is the Soviet May Day parade from 1974. The video is an hour long and some of our readers may enjoy the full feature, others not. Notice how much differently the 1974 parade was as compared to the previous video from 1950.

The Soviet Union would soon be gone and in 1991 the republics of the Soviet Union held one last official Communist May Day parade.

With the fall of Communism May Day in Russia no longer holds the same significance and you can see that in the day on the streets of Moscow, versus the former grand parades on Red Square. Although many ordinary citizens enjoy the parades, today’s May Day parades often are dominated by the Communists who hope for a return to the glorious days of long lines for bread and other food shortages, shoddy products, unmet 5 year agricultural plans and shipping their neighbors off to the Gulag camps.