Medvedev named Prime Minister of Russia

(Moscow, 08 May 2012) Today the State Duma voted and approved the appointment of former president Dmitry Medvedev as the new Prime Minister of Russia.By a vote of 299 to 144, Mr. Medvedev is Russia’s newest Prime Minister of the government.

The state Duma (parliament) approved Dmitry Medvedev as Prime Minister.

In speaking to the members of Russia’s parliament, President Putin said, “First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the upcoming Victory Day.

Today I present the candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev for the post of Prime Minister.

I made this decision a long time ago, as I said openly, in advance, prior to the State Duma and presidential elections. Therefore, my position and the position of Mr Medvedev were made public in advance. We have changed nothing in our position, and did not present the Parliament or the public with anything that could be interpreted as a misrepresentation or political intrigue. We did everything absolutely openly from the very first steps.

We all know Mr Medvedev as an experienced politician whose policy objectives include modernization, as a man who sincerely loves Russia. He launched crucial reforms in an open dialogue with civil society, reforms aimed at improving the efficiency of the state apparatus, on building a law enforcement and judicial system that can protect the public, defend the truth and justice. On Mr Medvedev’s initiative, the State Duma adopted a package of anti-corruption laws that strengthen public oversight of state officials.

I am confident that Dmitry Medvedev will be open to constructive cooperation with all political parties and public movements, with parliament and the parliamentary factions. Let me remind you that as President Mr Medvedev initiated changes in the legislation on political parties, greatly expanding the opportunities for party registration and participation in elections, including to the State Duma.

I would like to highlight that Mr Medvedev believes his most important challenge is to promote among our public the idea of modernization and technological breakthroughs that are essential for our country today. This aspiration has been embodied in ambitious projects on providing support for talented young people, developing education, research centres and innovative businesses.

I have no doubt that his commitment, as well as political and managerial expertise will help Mr Medvedev to tackle the most demanding challenges as Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Esteemed deputies of the State Duma,

In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, I ask for your approval of Dmitry Medvedev’s candidacy for the post of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

I count on your support. Thank you very much.

President Putin asked the Duma to approve former president Medvedev as Prime Minister.

State Duma deputies then approved Mr. Medvedev as the country’s new prime minister: out of 443 deputies, 299 voted in favour of his candidacy and 144 voted against.

President Putin then signed the Executive Order appointing Dmitry Medvedev as the new Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.