Court orders protest camp at “Clean Ponds” be closed

Yesterday afternoon, 15 May at protest camp.

Just a day after city officials assured protest leaders that the camp at Chistiye Prudy would remain open, a Moscow court ordered that the camp be closed. Moscow’s Basmanny Court handed down the ruling in response to complaints by local residents about the camp.

(photo: Telega-2/livejournal)

Although Moscow City Hall logged more than 50 complaints about the camp, city officials conducted inspections several times daily and had promised that the camp would remain open. However the court acted first.

Some residents complained about alcohol being consumed in courtyards and inappropriate graffiti although city inspections failed to note such violations. This led opposition leader Ilya Yashin to say, “I have no doubt that the court is being used to kick us out. The authorities understand the pointlessness of muscling us out, so they’ll try to squeeze us out by other means.”

Protest organizers Ilya Yashin and Dmitry Gudkov, L to R, at the camp.

This is the same court that the Putin Administration used to order seizure of funds from then Yukos Oil CEO Mikhail Khodorskovsky and his partners Platon Lebedev, and Vasily Shakhnovsky.

At this money a message via text, facebook, vk and twitter says the following: Суд принял решение о ликвидации лагеря на чистых прудах. срочно еду туда. (Translation: The court has ruled the camp on Clean Ponds to be closed. Go there immediately.)