New protest camp location in Moscow; plus news from Russia

Today police heavily patrolled the park that for a week had been home to Moscow protesters at Chistiye Prudy. City park crews also tended to the park areas.

– Protesters not arrested in yesterday’s raid of the Chistiye Prudy Park have set up camp in the Presnya area of Moscow. The most prominent park in the area is the popular Патриаршие пруды (Patriarch Ponds). The location is not far from the Russian White House and one of Moscow’s largest streets, Tverskaya.

Patriarch Ponds, Moscow’s Presnya district.

The Pond is one of the main settings of Mikhail Bulgakov‘s novel The Master and Margarita. The new camp is close to Metro Баррикадная (Barrikadnaya).

Presnya District city workers tend to park area, 16 May 2012.

– For journalists: The Presidential Press and Information Office’s Department of Accreditation and Briefings is now taking accreditation requests to cover the Russia-EU summit scheduled to be held in the first half of June 2012 in St Petersburg.

– President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev met earlier this afternoon to discuss the new Government Cabinet structure and staff composition.

Mr Putin and Mr Medvedev also discussed issues on the agenda for the upcoming G8 summit.

– President Putin will travel to Russia’s next door neighbor, Belarus, on Thursday, 31 May for what is described as a working meeting with the dictator of Belarus, President Aleksandr Lukashenko.


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