Moscow protests and the government’s pyschological misdirection

Dang, if we didn’t know any better one would think that former KGB specialists are running the show these days. In moves of classic psychological misdirection, police dropped by several times daily at the now-defunct protest camp at Clean Ponds to assure everyone that all was well and as long as organizers kept the group well behaved, there would be no worries from police.

Then of course the camp was uprooted at 5am yesterday morning in a surprise raid by OMOH riot troops. Golly gosh, how did that happen?

Wednesday afternoon, 16 May, Barrikadnaya protest group.

So today the main organized group moved to another location, near the Metro Баррикадная (Barrikadnaya) area close to the Patriarch Ponds. It didn’t take long for police to stop by with more reassurance that this time there would be no surprise raids as long as protesters were well behaved.

Couple makes joke about First Channel (Kremlin controlled) and turn the logo into a sign for TV “Rain” the only independent pro-opposition station.

That promise lasted less than four hours before another surprise raid from the OMOH boys. What a shock (yawn).

Police swooped in, batons swinging, for an afternoon visit.

What President Putin doesn’t seem to realize is that the tide is turning and no, it is not turning his direction. Average and ordinary Russians are paying attention and they see polite and well dressed middle class Russians joining in only to be arrested and roughed up at every turn. Mr. Putin’s “honeymoon” with the older electorate, if there ever was one, is long gone.

Babushka gives the police a piece of her mind.

The protesters are being joined by folks who voted for United Russia and that is the death knell for “life as it has been” for a comfortable but in control minority. From independent business owners to frail little babushkas, the protest movement is taking form.

(Photos: Ilya Varlamov/livejournal.)