Got to love those Russian Babushki!

Eurovision 2012 Russia’s Village Babushki

In case you’re wondering the name of the song that is sweeping the Eurovision finals is “Party for Everybody” and nobody can blame viewers from loving a group of elderly grandmothers singing a bouncy song with lyrics like “Come on and boom, boom, boom, boom dance!” Hey, we’re singing along with you.

The Russian ladies are known as Бурановские Бабушки (Buranovskiye Babushki means “village grandmothers”) and they’ve accomplished a stunning march into the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest held in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan. This surprising burst of popularity has brought an unlikely group of elderly folk singers from a far-off Russian village into the homes of more than 100 million viewers around the world.

Eurovision 2012 Russia’s Village Babushki from Udmurtia Republic.

The women come from a village in the Udmurtia republic and have won the hearts not only of Russians, but of Europeans all over with their traditional folk songs performed in Russian and Udmurt to upbeat instrumentation. These women really do live in a village of wooden houses in the Udmurtia region in the foothills of the Ural mountains. Their ages range from 43 to 76 and before instant stardom, these grannies worked in farming and still spend their time tending animals and garden plots.

The Eurovision contest selects the best, allowing representatives of European countries to compete against each other as voting is conducted by television viewers. Eurovision has been held every year beginning in 1956, one of the modern era’s longest running television specials in the world.